Success – what’s the secret?


I was reflecting this morning on the difference between success and failure.

Success –

How do you become successful?

What’s the secret?

How do you make money online?

How do you do it?

How do you make money in your business?

How do you have a successful marriage?

How do you have kids that everyone talks about (in a good way)?

Let’s talk about this

For years, I failed in business – and when I do something – I like to do it big time…

So I failed big time.

I mean BIG TIME…

raking up $100,000’s in debt

working long hours

stressed out of my mind.

and then something happened.

I learned the secret for success.

you wanna know what it really is?

It’s simple.

It’s taking consistent action replicating actions from someone who already has what you want.

that’s it.

There’s no secret sauce

for the longest time – I was always searching for the magic button I could push to instantly put cash into my bank accounts.

I had several students share with me this weekend they had their first $100 days – and a few share that they were close to $400 a day.

That’s awesome – especially for people who just got started marketing online a few weeks ago.

And there are also those who hadn’t made the first $1 online.

You see – both are ok – and both are just a part of the process.

Both are following our system for making money online – and some have made the first $1 & more, while others have not.

But they are both on the right track to succeed. (as long as they are taking action & keep taking action)

The secret for success in anything – again…is very simple.

Take action (go to work) replicating a system which is already creating the result you want in your life.

If you want a better marriage, better kids, better spiritual life, better finances, etc – just duplicate someone who already has what you want.

That’s it.

And then – when you start to duplicate their actions – don’t stop 15, 30 or 60, 180 days or more in.

You need to persist – and believe you will succeed.

Because if you truly follow the actions of those who have what you want, you willĀ  – without a doubt – get their results – in time.

So there you have it…the secret revealed –

Now – go find someone who has what you want – and learn from them – duplicate them.

and then put that knowledge into action – and believe you will get the same results.

And you will.

For me, getting plugged into has made a huge difference in our lives.

Our marriage is better than ever.

Our kids are the kids who are the best behaved – who we get compliments in school, at restaurants, traveling – everywhere – about how they honor and respect others.

We have created a 7 figure income on a part basis.

are 100% debt free – with a lot of in investments (working for us)

And spiritually – I am in a place I could have never imagined.

So I would highly recommend you get plugged into

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