Behind The Secret Millionaire Scenes with Jeff Usner – What You Don’t See On TV From Jeff Usner

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Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner shares behind the scenes moments that they don’t show you on TV.  Jeff was given only $40 for the week to live off in the slums with massive poverty. Jeff Usner was placed in the middle of areas with high drug use and gang violence. Jeff used past experiences to help him get by as it was just a few years ago that Jeff had to actually turn off his AC and when it was over 105 in summer time due to lack of money. Jeff has lived through some hard times and used his life experiences to help him impact his local area in San Antonio, TX. He shares how being a good steward over your money when you have a little will lead you to being blessed with more income and responsibility.

Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner shares how ABC was able to cut 160 hours of video footage on 3 cameras to just the 42 minutes you see on the final Secret Millionaire Show. Find out more behind the scenes secrets, just click here…

Learn about Jeff being over charged at grocery store and had to go back and get his money because $7 dollars out of $40 is a really big deal. What are your favorite moments from the Secret Millionaire Show?

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