Jeff Usner Shares Behind The Scenes Moments From This Year’s Hit Show Secret Millionaire

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Jeff Usner Shares Secrets of Secret Millionaire Show on ABC. Check out the behind the scenes action, 1 on 1 with Jeff Usner.  He shares a simple and important way to make an impact in others lives as it is not a secret it at all. Jeff Usner learn young to give at least 10% of your income to the poor, widows and children in need.
When Jeff Usner got his $40 (how much the Secret Millionaires get for the whole week!) he set aside 10%, $4.00 to find a way to make an impact in someones life. He noticed Orlando with TEAM Ability and how much he loved the roses because they were his mother’s favorite flowers and Orlando loved to see the joy a simple flower would bring to his mom. Jeff was able to buy a single rose with his tithe for Orland to give to his mother. This is a deleted scene that didn’t make it into the Secret Millionaire show. Jeff encourages everyone to tithe at least 10% of what you make to impact the lives of others. This is a lesson that Jeff learned in his younger days when he didn’t have much money at all. Jeff shares behind the scenes moments from ABC’s Secret Millionaire show.
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