Internet Millionaire Jeff Usner Shares Free Facebook Ad Strategy He Is Using Now To Make Even More!

Jeff Usner shares a simple but powerful concept in his latest video found on focusing on how to create killer Facebook Advertisements. The business concept is responsible for generating even more wealth and adding credibility to his brand.

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  • Steven James

    Hey Jeff – got your book a bit ago…appreciate your heart on the pages!

    I’m always looking for ways to help our church page become more engaging and effective in encouraging others regarding their walk as a Christian.

    I’ve been doing pretty good with ads….using some other techniques as well…the page started in March of 2009 and grew to about 2300 by Sept. of 2011. After making some advertising tweaks and implementing a couple of other techniques, it has grown to 20,300+ since Sept. of 2011.

    I would love to find ways to fund the page (all of the costs have come out of pocket) and cause it to have even more exposure.

    God has been so gracious to us both in social media and in our community.

    God bless you, Jeff!
    Pastor Steven James

  • Anthony

    Great video. I am new to this and am still trying to figure out how this will be able to help my business grow.

  • Yolanda Clark McBride

    I’m reading my book and the information I’m learning is wonderful and I’m going to apply it. My brother met up with you at the mens retreat in Colorado and he told me that you are a true man of God and a great friend. I thank you in advance for sharing what you learned online with everyone.

  • Krista Dunk

    Thanks Jeff – very helpful! I’m going to study up on this and use this strategy. Blessings to you

  • Mike

    Awesome tip – thanks Jeff!

  • Sotero Garcia

    I have been creating “Future Marketing Pros” WorldWide for over 4 years now…. Jeff Really knows His Stuff!
    You would be a fool not to get his book today…

  • Julie Schimunek

    I received your book, read it and then got the Reverse Online Profits. Got through that and am continuing on with the videos. Thanks for putting some amazing content together! I like this new video about facebook ads. Thanks!

  • Mariana Hilker

    Love this video!!

    Would love to hear more about Facebook adds!

    Getting more into fb adds now!

    Thanks Jeff!