Jeff Usner Shares His Facebook Ads Strategy

For many beginning online marketers, Facebook ads are a mystery. They are one of the hottest things right now in social media and if you haven’t given it a go, you are seriously losing out! The potential Facebook ads have to increase profits for your business is killer.

The concept behind Facebook ads is called interruption marketing. Which means you have to come from the angle of, people are not on Facebook to buy stuff; in fact the last thing they want when they are on Facebook is to hear from marketers so the trick is capturing their attention.

Using eye catching images is the best way to do this. With Facebook ads, the performance is mainly driven by the image that you use. Uploading great visuals normally results to good results. There are two kinds of Facebook ads where you can apply this. First are sponsored ads and second is direct linking.

With sponsored ads, they usually get a higher click through rate and a succeeding lower cost per click as they go directly into the Timeline on people’s walls. They will think it is a post and it seems more natural when in fact it is an ad. You can also use sponsored ads to pre-sell for you so they are great.

Direct linking ads are the ones that go at the right side of the screen. In general, they have a lower click through rate compared to sponsored ads, not to mention have a higher cost per click. But this depends on many factors so bottom line is to test your ads and see which performs better.


  1. Craig Olson | March 4, 2013 at 7:07 pm

    Thanks, really good advice.

  2. Brown Vincent | March 4, 2013 at 10:47 pm

    Hey Jeff,
    Great article! How does the cost structure work with Facebook? I see there is a daily budget, and you can pay for CPM…how does all of that work, and how do you target who sees your sponsored link?

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