Jeff Usner Shares: Advertising Basics 101

Most people fail at advertising because they approach it incorrectly right from the beginning. Find out the best approach to ensure success.


Going into advertising can be overwhelming for most beginners but it doesn’t always have to be. I think one key here is coming into with the right understanding of what advertising will be like and what can you expect from it. From what I can see, the biggest mistake of most people is when they start investing money into their campaigns or projects, they freak out a little bit when the results don’t come as quick as they’d like and they just quit.


The trick I’ve found is to come into advertising with a mindset that it’s about investing. You have to understand that there will be times when you will take a loss and it is a part of it. Right at the get go, it is a must to identify your long term goals, visions, and hopes in order for you to handle any losses that may come along the way.

Naturally, the goal is to not lose money however, there are just instances when you will and that’s okay. One thing you can do here is set up a budget for your advertising, an amount that you are not afraid to lose. This can be different for you and for me but essentially, it should be an amount that you will be okay to lose even if you do not get any results from it. It can be $100 or $500 but you have to be okay with losing that.

It becomes harder when you’re using money you need to put food on the table or other related responsibilities because you will come at advertising from an angle of poverty. But the thing is you have to understand that you are investing in your future… it will pay back.

There may be a loss at the front end but think about the long term gains and decide if it is worth it. It’s about understanding that advertising is an investment and you are developing a skill set in yourself and investing yourself to achieve success.

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  1. Elsie Cottrell | March 21, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    Thanks for the reminder. We all need reminding of this great tip. I’m just now reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and this is just another source of investing. THANKS, again!

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