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We’re hiring!

This is the first time we’ve done anything like this before…

Usually all our hiring is done through word of mouth
referrals, but I thought that since so many of you have
already gone through our training, you would be that much
more qualified to work with our team by the time you walk
through our doors.

It’s not a requirement that you have gone through our training
but it would be a plus.

Before you raise your hand, I need to point out a few things…

1) it would require you being physically present in our office,
and thus relocating to the San Antonio area.

2) the position available is for someone who can lead our
email marketing division
. So — knowledge of email, ISPs,
bounces, feedback loops, etc is a plus.

3) you need to be highly analytical and detail-oriented. Much
of the success of email marketing relies heavily on gathering
statistics and making changes based on the information

“Jeff, how do I know if I am analytical enough for the position?”

Well, do you have a deep, longing passion for spreadsheets,
number-crunching, stats gathering — and are a whiz at Excel?

If so, then you’re probably a good candidate.

4) you need to be able to receive instruction and be trainable,
learn from mistakes, work well with a team, and have fun!

So — think you’ve got what it takes?

If you’re seriously interested, please email your resume to:


I’m excited for the opportunity and looking forward to hearing

from those interested!


Talk soon,



  1. Dominic | March 26, 2013 at 1:02 pm

    After working for this man for over 4 years, I can say that this opportunity is a once in a lifetime chance to work for one of the most honorable, integrity filled men than I have ever met.

    If you are thinking about getting in touch about this position – STOP THINKING and ACT NOW! Get in touch with Jeff and his staff as soon as you possibly can for this position.

    You will be glad you did!

    Thanks for everything you do Jeff, God bless you and the team!

    Dominic Mejia

  2. admin | March 26, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    Thanks Dom, we miss you!

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