Jeff Shares 7 Points for Creating Killer Landing Pages

Killer landing pages have a lot of impact on conversions. Here is a time tested formula that works wonders!


Allow me to walk you through the seven best tips to creating killer landing pages. If you haven’t found rhyme or reason to landing pages, this is the perfect time to learn it and this simple knowledge will improve your revenue 100%.

Just follow this design:

1) Put up an attention grabbing image at the upper left hand corner of the page. The rationale is simple. People read from left to right and this is the first stop of their eyes. If it is a good image, they will go on through your website.

2) Add a good headline next to the picture. This is the second thing visitors to your landing page will see. Test headlines because some will perform better than others.

3) Under the headline, put a couple of bullet points that tell people benefits of what you are offering to them. Remember they should be benefits, not features.

4) Opt in forms are always to the right!

5) Add an opt in form 2 if you are going to put anything below the fold but usually, most of our landing pages are just above the fold, nothing to scroll down.

6) Put in another visual on top of the call to action.

7) Put in another visual to the right of the call to action. This can be the image of what they are getting.

This is the basic landing page set up. Do this for your projects but always test! As a bonus tip, use colors that are exactly opposite each other. Use the color wheel to help you out with this tip. Throughout the course of my career, I have generated millions of leads and this simple recipe for landing pages has done it for me. Give it a try and see where it takes you.

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