Jeff Usner Shares: A Success Strategy that Never goes Out of Style

Do you want to have something that you don’t have right now? Here’s a strategy to get exactly what you  want!funny-school-girl


Can I ask you something? What was the last thing that you have learned and when did it occur? Your answer to this question will greatly impact how little or how much you can accomplish in life.

Let me tell you, one of the most important concepts that I value, not just in business but also in life, is to always be a student. You know, for a long time, all of us are students; in fact we begin our lives as students. We go to kindergarten, enroll in primary school, go all the way to high school then college; some of us even attain further education that. But what most people do, after all the formal schooling is done and they just stop learning and acquiring new skills. This is really a sad thing because it stops you from growing and investing in yourself.

This is very important. You always have to be a student. You have to learn and acquire new skills. Invest in yourself because at the end of the day no one will be able to take this from you. To me, personally, now I am trying to learn Karate. My kids started going to Karate twice or three times a week and I’d take them, then one day it hits me, I’m already there and investing my time but instead of just waiting for my kids to finish, why not take Karate lessons too? It’s a new skill that I can add to myself plus I get to spend time and have fun with my kids.

Are you putting a lid on your abilities by not learning and getting new skills? Don’t! Always be a student and keep learning. Never stop growing and investing in who you are. What new skills do you want to learn today?



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