What to Do When you Don’t Have Anything to Give

The amount of people struggling every day is overwhelming. Learn how and why you should start sharing your blessings today.iStock_000014392453XSmall


Have you ever experienced a time in your life when it seems you have nothing to give but you still give everything you have? I know it sounds weird but I have had that experience. A few years back in the beginning of my career, I’m every bit struggling. All there is to my checking account is $300 then I met this person and for some reason, I felt like I should give him $300. But at that time that is all I had…

I still gave it.

I wrote the check without thinking about it but clearly sure I’ll be in for trouble but you know what, the most interesting thing happened to me. The next day, I got a check for around $1200 in the mail – that is triple the amount of what I gave!

Look, I know it goes against everything logical but giving back works. I’m not saying you do the same as me and give everything you have but it is essential that you start somewhere and give back. At our office, there is a hallway filled with photos of children that we are helping throughout the world. It is very personal to me and to everybody who works at my company.

Each time we pass the hallway and see these children, it is a constant reminder why we do what we do and I would like to encourage you to do the same. You might think you’re the current charity case but regardless of where you are in life there is always room to give back whether it is $1 or $10 or more.

Don’t succumb to excuses. Set goals and find ways to help people because there will never a shortage of reasons why you should reach out and today at that.

-Jeff Usner

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  1. Linda Ross | April 17, 2013 at 4:46 pm

    I have enjoyed your book. Havent finished yet. just a little down about the finances. cant seem to get off the ground, but Im still trusting that God will make a way. Please dont give up on me. I enjoy your segments, webinars, just gotta wait a minute to put more money into this..,hard time. frustrated granny,

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