Two Secrets to Get the Best in Affiliate Marketing

iStock_000006049357XSmallThere are two keys to getting the most money off affiliate marketing and it starts with testing. Find out what are the top two things you must test to boost your income easily.


Here are two simple steps that most marketers don’t do that cost their business millions and millions: testing affiliate networks and testing different offers.

Let us start with testing affiliate networks. If you are into affiliate marketing, I’m sure you are familiar with the many networks out there. When I was beginning, I started to get curious and decided to test affiliate networks. It started with an offer that I had which was doing very well for me consistently and I saw that other affiliate networks are also offering the same thing. What I did is grab four or five networks and run the same offer then I discovered an immediate increase in one network – over $1000 after split testing.

The point I’m trying to make is this: you might think it’s the same offer and there will be no difference if you test affiliate networks and I used to think that as well but it’s not. Simply, some networks will have higher conversation rates compared to the rest. I’m not sure of the exact reason but some just performs better than others and the way for you to find this out is to test.

Another killer thing that you should test is the offer itself. In one niche, there will be several offers available for you to choose from and if you apply the same thing, which is testing, testing, and more testing, you will stumble upon the best offer which will generate you the most income so check out different offers in the same network or different networks to see where the best results are coming from. You can even learn a script or hire someone who can do it for you to rotate offers and affiliate networks to make this easier. It will be so worth it!

– Jeff


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