How to Get the Highest CTR when Running Ads

iStock_000015937656XSmallTesting creatives is important in getting the most out of your ads. Heres are killer techniques to add to your copy and start seeing the best results.


Are your creatives getting you the most results? One of the things that I have learned early on is that it is crucial to test creatives within my initial ad whether it is a banner ad or in traffic vance or pay per click or whatever.

I realized this early on and it will get the most results. First, you have to test your headlines. One thing that I have found out to work really well, particularly in pay per click campaigns is to integrate the keyword into your headline.

Another is to add geographic location. In my case, I did a lot of legal leads then so if I’m in Coastal Maine and I’m looking for a divorce attorney, I can write in my headline Coastal Maine divorce attorney. It makes a lot of difference because it tells people that this is exactly what you are looking for within your local area. There is a script that you can use to add the geographic location. Again, you can learn it yourself or try to find someone who can do it for you so that it will get added into your ads.

Interestingly, headlines with parenthesis and ellipses or the three dots perform better than others, so is the addition of adding the word free in your copy if you can, but that is not a surprise. The parenthesis and ellipses on the other hand may work because it makes your ad look different from the rest and their eyes zero in on it and it gets you a click.

Within the body, look at what everybody else is doing but if it is possible tweak it a little bit to improve, not to reinvent the wheel but just find those additional touches that will get your click through rate skyrocketing.


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