Can You Do It All?

helpThe secret of success is not doing a lot but doing a little that yield max benefits. Here is a super secret you can’t miss today.


How would you like to do only 20% of activities that will give you 80% results?

Most people who know me often ask how am I able to do all the things I’m doing every day. I run multiple businesses, I do volunteer and charity work, I have a wife and a big family, and all in all, I’m just a very active guy and it is a cause of interest for many, asking how do I balance my life?

There is really no secret formula and in fact, if I tell you what I do daily, you’ll probably laugh at how seemingly simple it is but I have to tell you that it produced mighty good results…

It is all about focus. To me, doing all that I do is just about learning how to focus on activities that provide me the biggest results. The funny thing is most people do it backwards. They focus on a lot of activities that don’t give them anything at all!

The trick is to reduce your activities by 50% to boost productivity by 100%. This is what I do every day: every night, I list out the top six things I know I need to do the next day and focus on that list right at the get go. Do it one number at a time and don’t go to the next without finishing the one on top.

Doing this gives you focus and doesn’t allow you to fall to the usual distractions like emails, text messages, Facebook or whatever that everyone else does. If you start your day this way, you will be in distracted mode all day and you can’t be productive.

For a change, do 20% of activities today that gives you 80% of results. Start having a list and take action. The difference will be massive.



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