How to Increase CTR of Facebook Ads like Crazy

soaringGet your Facebook campaigns soaring through the roof with these super simple three step process. Get a ctr as high as 0.6%!


Are you interested in learning how to make money from Facebook ads? Let me teach you real quick how to get killer click through rates off them. Now normally, a decent click through rate will be aroubd 0.1% right? What if I tell you I have Facebook ads that are at 0.6%? That’s pretty amazing!

Do you want to know how? Doing what I do can save you a tremendous amount of money. For instance, in my ad, I started paying at around 85 cents a click then immediately, I’m able to lower the cost per click at around 12 cents so that is about 80 to 90% reduction in cost per click.

There are only three things that you must do:

  1. Image is everything. Remember that Facebook is very visual. You have to capture the attention of people because ultimately, they are not on Facebook to buy anything. It’s all about interruption marketing so the better the image, the higher success chances are. Of course, split test your image to see which one is the best.
  2. Set up a sponsored ad. This begins with a page. Create one and do some posts. Pick one that you want to do a sponsored ad for and it will show up on the Timeline of people. A good tip here is to make the name of your page, a headline that has worked for you before.
  3. Design your post: it must have a good headline, followed by a link to wherever you want to send them, throw in some benefits that they will get once they click on the link, then have people commenting or liking your post as social proof.

This is a super simple three step process to Facebook ads but it will increase your click through rate like crazy!


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