How to Create Freedom in your Business

golden freedomEarning a lot of money without a lifestyle isn’t worth it. Discover how you can develop freedom in your business and still boost income.


I have a question for you: how much are you sacrificing to earn the money that you are getting off your business right now? It may be $100, $1000, $10000, and so on but what is it costing your life?

When I dropped out of medical school, I was 23 years old, I started to work on my business and give it everything I have – not just my physical labor but time with my family, time for friends and other people, my personal time for myself and pretty much every other aspect of my life I had to sacrifice just to grow my income.

You might think this is a great approach as obviously, I’m working hard and I’m able to generate a lot of income. Yes, the income was there but around this time, a friend of mine came up to me and asked what was wrong with me because I looked so depressed!

Yes, I am. Yes, I had the business. Yes, I had the money. But bottom line is I had to sacrifice my life for it and you realize at one point: it’s not worth it at all!

Everything on the business is dependent on me that if I take off my hand from the steering wheel, it will collapse quickly. I did not have systems in place or processes or people in place which will allow me freedom to get a lifestyle, to enjoy my family and friends, to do things that I want to do with the income I have.

Over the years, I’ve made changes and one of the biggest is learning how to create freedom in my businesses that allows me to earn more, work less, and give more. It’s all about putting systems in place which will increase income and still afford me a lifestyle.

Do you have such systems in your business? If not, would you want to learn how to put them up and experience more freedom and more income?


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