Back to Back Tips on Getting Better Payouts and Improving Cash Flow

dog on phoneGood things come to those who ask! Here are a couple of tips to get more cash for your business as soon as possible, even for beginners.


Here is a simple advice to help you get your affiliate business raking in a higher payout: negotiate. See if you look at many affiliate markets, the price listed there is usually the lowest payout that you will be able to get. Others simply content themselves with this price and just try to overcome it by generating a lot of lead or conversions, but there is a better way to get more income for your business and that is to simply negotiate with your affiliate manager.

This is where building relationships come in. It is very important as negotiating becomes easier when your affiliate manager not only knows you but likes you. The first thing you need to do here, just as I did, is get on the phone and start talking with your affiliate manager.

Tell them what you are up to, what are your plans, where you are going and start negotiating. They will understand most of the time and will give you a bump. Even if you are brand new, you can usually get 10% to 20% more and that is because you did ask for it. Most people don’t even ask and this very little thing makes a lot of difference!

Another thing that you want to do to get your business on the right direction is to negotiate with your affiliate manager and ask them to get you on weekly wires. This is something I was able to do quickly because I know it is essential in maintaining a cash flow for my business.

If you are getting paid every 30 days or 60 days, sometimes even 90 days, there may be a problem with cash flow and most businesses close because of that and naturally you don’t want something like that to happen to you!


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